The Creative Justice Initiative, Inc’s second survey expands and delves deeper into the data received from the first commissioned survey, entitled the “Cultural Equity Survey.”

This second survey intentionally tracks the process and practice in our communities rendered by the nonprofit and frontline arts and culture ecosystem to sustain essential services needed by our people.

Since their establishment, community cultural organizations have been faced with decades of persistent under-resourcing, and now based on the current data, are in a state of emergency. Their very survival is at risk. The need to establish an equitable funding system, that has a core fundamental principle of financial stability for historically disenfranchised community-based cultural organizations, is clear and present.  As first responders we know the need to provide services within our communities is critical; we are community stabilizers.
We encourage you to fill out all three sections so we may have the most complete set of data possible with which to make our case for more robust and sustainable funding for community-based cultural organizations.

Completing this survey will enter you to a raffle
for $1,000 for your organization.

We will share the survey results with the field, e.g. foundations, government, policy, and community advocacy organizations though we will not attribute specific data to any organization. Our goal is to have public and private funders create a grant category that is designed to directly fund community-based cultural organizations that provide a multiplicity of services vital to our communities health. 
The information you share will be kept confidential. 

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to help us gather critical data on the health of our organizations.

Survey prepared by Afeni Creative Studios.

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